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Although the exact prevalence in adults is unknown, epidemiologic studies thus far reveal that the condition, marked by inattentiveness, difficulty getting work done, procrastination, or organization problems, probably exists in about 2-4% of adults. Adults' symptoms may manifest themselves differently from children's. Often the most prominent characteristic in ADD adults is difficulty with executive functioning, which is the brain activity that oversees the ability to monitor a person's own behavior by planning and organizing.

Signs & Symptoms:

·         Adults who have symptoms of ADD may:

·         Fidget or squirm with hands and feet

·         Blurt out answers before the questions have been completed

·         Often interrupt others during conversations

·         Difficulty in unwinding or relaxing when there is free time

·         Difficulty in getting things done when organization is required

·         Leave seat during meetings

·         Trouble wrapping up the final details of a project

·         Problem remembering appointments or obligations

·         Avoid tasks that require lots of thought.

ADHD treatment usually includes a combination of therapy and medication. We provide many forms of therapy for adults and children, including:

·         Behavior therapy, which includes strategies patients can use to manage their condition through organization skills, anger management techniques, and coaching to take time to think actions through

·         Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, which helps patients become more aware of how their thoughts and attitudes influence their actions

·         Parent management training, which guides you in how to understand and direct your child’s behavior

·         Talk therapy, which lets patients discuss their behavioral patterns, as well as ways to address them

·         Medications, which may improve symptoms in patients with ADHD. Stimulants and other medications can improve focus and reduce hyperactivity or impulsive behaviors.


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