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Our intensive program, which may include combinations of occupational, physical, and speech therapy, is customized for individuals based on their current needs and goals. This program involves treating patients 2-6 hours a day, 5 days a week, for three weeks.

The NeuroSuit is a therapeutic tool worn for two-hour periods as part of our intensive program. While participating in occupational and physical therapies, the suit aids in helping body alignment, body awareness, and motor planning for amplified benefits of therapeutic intervention.

CME is a dynamic technique used in physical and occupational therapy aimed at provoking improved postural responses in patients to promote progress towards developmental milestones such as sitting, standing and walking.

Improve balance, coordination, and gross motor skills while working with our team of physical therapists. Our team is trained in the use of specialized therapeutic tools and techniques such as SpiderCage, Kinesiotaping ®, and NDT to help your child reach their full developmental potential.

Occupational therapists help your child improve motor and sensory processing skills to support participation in meaningful activities such as learning in school and playing with friends. Address fine motor delays, sensory sensitivities, feeding difficulties, and more with our team of OTs who have specialized training in feeding and swallowing, NDT, and Kinesiotaping ®.

Address speech delays, articulation, oral motor dysfunction, apraxia, fluency, feeding and swallowing difficulties in our speech sessions. Our therapists use a variety of techniques including PROMPT®, Hanen, VitalStim ®, and advanced training in Empowered Learning Transformation Centers technology to help your kids become confident communicators.

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