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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Counseling for Children, Teens and Adults

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers offers customized counseling programs for children, teens, and adults throughout Arizona.


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers assists clients in alleviating depression, anxiety, and phobias, creating healthy relationships (healthy communication), treating trauma and pain, coping with grief and loss, building self esteem and social skills, anger management, problem solving, modifying unhealthy behaviors, strengthening self-esteem, gaining insight and awareness to create ones desired change.


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers focuses on a strengths based approach in counseling.  He believes that highlighting and tapping into all the gifts and strengths people have makes all the difference in creating the changes they desire in their lives. He also believes that it is vital to obtain balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in order to create the desired change.



I love working with kids and parents. I offer a place for parents to turn when they need help and have questions. I am able to connect with kids, tots to teens, using humor and a flexible approach. Kids quickly feel safe and comfortable, enjoying their time in therapy, and parents feel encouraged. I engage children using play, art, and sports therapy techniques. Therapy strategies with adolescents often address issues of self-esteem, social and peer pressure, identity and self-worth, and emotional regulation and expression. In the therapy process, where healing occurs, families learn healthy and appropriate coping and communication skills and conflict resolution. I am passionate about teaching parenting skills so parents become more effective and more connected with their children.



I have years experience helping clients to effectively alleviate depressive and anxious moods, and learn to cope with grief, loss, relationships, and difficult and painful life situations. I work daily with clients on the following issues:


ANXIETY / PANIC / FEAR (needing skills to calm, soothe, take charge and empower)

DEPRESSION (finding it more & more difficult enjoying life)

ANGER (just under the surface, explosive if not managed)

TRUST (not trusting others, not trusting self)

RELATIONSHIPS (needing to improve them, learn boundaries / self-care/healthy communication)

NEGATIVE THOUGHTS (stuck in past or recent painful experience, Self-limiting, Self-destructive behaviors)

MOTIVATION / CONCENTRATION (struggling to stay focused and motivated)

CONFIDENCE / SELF-ESTEEM (overwhelming self-doubt causing mistakes, faltering, more doubt).


Professional Help for Children with Learning Disabilities

Children and adolescent teens with learning disabilities have high rates of mental health problems and behavioral difficulties, that if addressed will help a child and can prevent future problems .


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers psychotherapist graduated specialty in providing therapy for children, teens, and families. David has had success working with learning disabled children over the past 15 years .

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers treatment uses an empathic and strength based approach combining a variety of effective techniques including; play, talk, as well as research based techniques to create change.


Benefits of treatment :

Behavior modification

Improve social skills

Build string self esteem

Learn problem solving skills

Increase success academically

Learn cooing skills for frustration/ mood

Parenting skills

Skills to focus

Increase motivation


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