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Learning Disabilities & ADD/ADHD


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers takes great pride in our reputation for serving students with Learning Disabilities. Through a comprehensive approach involving the ODA, plus coordination with faculty and staff, services are designed to help you overcome frustrations created by your LD/ADD/ADHD with a focus on independence and autonomy. Once you have applied for services and provided documentation from an appropriate professional, you will then meet with the ODA to determine what reasonable accommodation strategies are best for you.


Reasonable Accommodations

Services for LD and ADD/ADHD are based upon the specific functional limitations described in your documentation. Reasonable accommodations are individualized and unique to each student. In other words, not all services will be the same for every student diagnosed with an LD or ADD/ADHD. However, our most common modifications for these disabilities are; extended time for in-class assignments, testing in a distraction reduced environment, volunteer note takers and use of assistive technology.


Documentation Requirements for ADD/ADHD

For ADD/ADHD have a qualified professional complete the Psychological Disability Documentation Form, or the general ODA documentation requirements can be documented in a formal letter by a medical doctor, psychologist or other appropriate professional as described in ODA Documentation Requirements.  It is strongly recommended that you view the form after having it completed by your professional to be certain that it is completed fully, accurately, and signed.  Incomplete forms may delay your eligibility for services.  Lastly, you should personally submit the document to the ODA.


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