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ADHD in Adults, Children and Teens

Information for families struggling with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is one of the most common neuropsychiatric disorders of childhood. It often persists past adolescence, with 50 to 60 percent of people continuing to experience issues as adults.

As specialists in ADHD diagnosis and management, our experts can create customized care plans that combine evidence-based treatment, cognitive skills, and tools to help patients create a more balanced, healthy life.

Symptoms of ADHD typically show up before the teenage years. These symptoms often include:

·         Attention issues, or trouble focusing. A child or teen may be disorganized or frequently off-task with schoolwork.

·         Hyperactivity, such as excessive fidgeting or talking.

·         Impulsive behavior, or acting without first thinking about consequences. This may appear as interrupting others when speaking, difficulty waiting their turn during playtime, or intruding on others’ activities.

These symptoms can make it difficult for children and teens to learn in school, which can lead to poor academic performance.

Adults who weren’t diagnosed with ADHD in childhood may show symptoms such as:

·         Restlessness, excessive talking, or constant activity

·         Frequently quitting jobs, ending relationships, overreacting

·         Poor driving record

·         Procrastination or poor time management

·         Difficulty making decisions

ADHD may contribute to strain in personal and professional relationships, especially for adults who don’t realize they have this condition.


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