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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

A Premier Education Center in Lake Como, NJ

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is one of the longest established education centers in Lake Como, NJ. Since 1995 thousands of parents have trusted us with their children. We provide a positive, caring and fun environment that is dedicated to preparing your child to learn

Our aspiration and guiding child care principle is simple:  “Accept me as I am, so I may learn what I can become.”

The goal of Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is to have its students develop important academic fundamentals and acquire, from success, a sense of personal worth and the ability to achieve their total potential.

As a private child care facility and learning center, we have the flexibility to bring together time tested educational philosophies that work while adding new programs that enhance those philosophies.

Our day care staff and learning curriculum engage the student to think more effectively in developing effective language and cognitive skills. Thus they can integrate these skills to accomplish making the transition to actually doing what they know should be done from simply knowing what to do.

We are proud to be one of the best daycares in Lake Como, NJ

Having been in operation since 1995, we've helped care for many children throughout the years and carry an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. We understand that it is difficult to leave your child while you go to work. The best way to feel comfortable is to schedule a visit and meet with us. Ask us questions and get a feel for our facility. We are confident you will like what you see.


Why Us?

– We teach.

– Students may start Kindergarten if 5 by December.

– Students may start First Grade if 6 by December.

– If child is not in attendance for the week, there’s NO FEE!


1 Year Olds

Having a good time while learning ten major skill areas.


2 Year Olds

“Peabody Early Experience Kit” by American Guidance Services promotes the effective (emotional & social), cognitive (thinking, reasoning & remembering) and linguistic (to 2500 receptive and 1250 expressive words) development.


3 Year Olds

“Let’s Begin with the Letter People” – Builds oral language, vocabulary, phonological awareness, letter identification and print awareness.


4 Year Olds

“Land of the Letter People” – Combines phonemic awareness, the alphabetic principle and predictable and decodable text with literature-based learning.



Can start Kindergarten at age four – “Beginning to Read, Write and Listen” – Read and spell over 500 words, count and write to 1000, first grade math, science and Spanish.


First Grade

Lippincott’s Basic Reading is no-nonsense approach to skill building. The student becomes confident and motivated. Spelling, language, math, science, social studies and Spanish are all part of the curriculum.


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