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Autism Testing Lake Como

ELTC Autism Testing Lake Como is based on the highly effective and proven Lovaas method of applied behavior analysis. The program operates Monday-Friday. Part-time attendance is acceptable for clients who attend school. Our program groups clients in age appropriate physical and training classes.

Autism Pediatric and Adolescent Services

We service families of New Jersey who seek intensive intervention for their child. Age of students begin at 18 months of age. The objective of this program is for your child to learn from his natural environment and learn from his peers.  Yet, be able to receive intense 1:1 therapy.

Children may attend the ELTC Autism Testing Lake Como on a part-time or full-time basis. Generally, the part-time option is more applicable to children who are participating in a public or private school or in a home treatment program in addition to attending the treatment center.

We provide social skills groups conducted at our center in small groups.  Social skills are taught to promote pro-social interactions with typical peers social and play skills. Language development, social reciprocity, joint attention, group participation, problem-solving, and appropriate social conventions are among a few necessary skills taught in the social skills groups.

Adult ABA Services

Autism Testing Lake Como offers an adult autism treatment and habitation center.  We serve HCS, DADS and Medicare clients. We invite any family with special needs to visit our facility so determine if we are the right fit for your special needs person. We offer services not only to those clients with autism but to a wide array of those with Downs Syndrome, IDD, and other others.

Our services offer clients the opportunity to socialize, enjoy peer support, and have health and social needs met in a stimulating and supportive environment which promote better physical and mental health.

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