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Supportive Tutoring for Students with Visual Processing Disorder

Visual processing disorder is a weakness in the particular brain function needed to accurately receive and understand what the eye sees.


Your child may “see” pictures, symbols, and distances just fine, however, since it is the brain that actually processes visual things, they struggle or simply are not able to recognize and retain what they are seeing, hindering the learning process.


Some of the more common symptoms of visual processing disorder include:


Lack of interest in television or movies

Inattentiveness to visual tasks

Reversing or misreading numbers, letters and words

Frequently bumps into objects

Poor comprehension and retention when reading silently

Weak math skills – confuses visually similar symbols or ignores and omits them altogether

Difficulty with simple tasks like remembering phone numbers and matching like things

The signs of visual processing disorder frequently do not become evident until a child starts school, and are often common amongst children with learning difficulties, including dyslexia, and can be the result of a traumatic brain injury.


If your child has been evaluated by a qualified physician and diagnosed with visual processing disorder, there are many ways their skills and lives can be improved.


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers specializes in tutoring, mentoring, and coaching students diagnosed with a learning difficulty.


We will work closely with you and your child’s teachers and doctors to develop a plan individualized to their needs that encourages learning, growth, and rewards achievement.


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