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Sensory Gyms for Children with Special Needs

1995, Empowered Learning Transformation Centers has provided assistance to children with disabilities and families with members who are disabled. It was the first firm in Keyport providing representation for children with disabilities in their struggle to receive appropriate educational programs and other benefits to which they were entitled.


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers remains committed to providing services for families and children as they seek to improve the services children and adults with disabilities receive.



We offer the full range of special education representation, from IEP advocacy to federal court litigation. Our experience in the field means that we not only know the law, but can understand diagnoses and psychological assessments to ensure that each student is provided with an education truly tailored to meet their individual needs.

Most parents would agree that just getting a child through school these days is a far cry from what it was when they went to school. It seemed so much simpler then, before school districts were gargantuan and schools were strapped for cash. Our schools have so many problems to deal with on a daily basis that the individual child — especially one who may have some special needs — may easily falls through the cracks. While parents generally try their best on their children’s behalf, sometimes they hit an administrative brick wall and still their children’s needs are not being met. That’s where the Empowered Learning Transformation Centers come in. The experts of Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, with the excellent support of their staff, comprise the team that will help you with any problems you may have with any of these issues.


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