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Our singular purpose has been to help each patient and their family since the clinic opened.

Autism and other childhood disorders often include sensory issues, most notably auditory and tactile, which frequently occur in the typical classroom and/or the special ed. classroom. The lunchroom, the auditorium, and the playground are the other sensory "hot spots" for schools. The children's Treatment Center's physical setting is designed to minimize sensory issues, and the staff are trained to use a combination of behavioral therapies including app technology that we have developed to manage any sensory issues that may arise during therapy.

The friendly and helpful staff can help achieve the goals you have for your child by using scientifically proven methods, incorporating behavioral therapies and the latest technology into specialized sessions. Our clinic uses only the procedures approved by the National Institute of Health and the Surgeon General.

To utilize the latest technology, we have developed a series of apps for use in a clinical, home, or school setting. Over 190,000 of our Apps have been purchased by clinics, schools, and individuals.

The ELTC provides the following psychological services: Behavioral Management, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Behavior Problems in neurologically impaired and normally developing children: Potty Training, Following Directions, Tantrums, Aggressive Behavior, Self-injurious Behavior, Fears and Phobias, Social Problems, Attention Deficits, Hyperactivity, Separation Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Sleep Problems, Stress Management for Parents, and other Behavior Problems, Audiological Services (Hearing Evaluations), Articulation Therapy, Language Therapy, Oral-Motor/Feeding Disorders, Auditory Processing Disorders, and Language Development in Children with Autism or other Childhood Development Disorders.

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