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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is far more than your typical daycare. We believe deeply in your child’s long-term potential, and we want to cultivate it in a safe environment of learning and fun. We’re unique among Interlaken, NJ child care services. Our conveniently located center offers:

Separate rooms for each age group

Transportation to and from our center

Safety and CPR-certified staff members

Nutritious, homemade meals at no extra cost

Daily lesson plans and homework assistance

Safe and secure facilities

Before and after school programs

Weekly summer field trips

Our experienced staff members are thoroughly vetted and benefit from ongoing training.

We believe that all children deserve attention, nurturing and that a safe environment allows children to explore and grow. In order to foster age appropriate development, we allow children to have hands-on learning experiences. We believe that positive reinforcement is important for children to develop self-esteem and that they need an environment that supports free expression to stimulate learning. We appreciate every one of their personalities and place great importance on giving them confidence and high self-esteem.

Most importantly, we believe that children need to have fun! At Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, we often have exciting activities planned, play lots of games, and read to the children every day. Children learn best from experiencing the world around them through art, music, and self expression!

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, Where Scholastic Success Starts Early

INVEST IN YOUR CHILD’S FUTURE AT OUR INTERLAKEN, NJ Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Preschool is an important time in your child’s life. Growth and development during this age will have a direct impact on their educational aptitude in the future.

At Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, we provide children ages 3 to 4 with a safe space for discovering the world. Your preschooler will thrive in our structured environment, where they can develop social skills like friendship and cooperation.

Monthly themes based on new concepts and ideas

Educational activities and art times

Nutritious snacks and rest times

Dramatic play, games, books, music and circle time

Instruction in everything from writing to manners

We’re licensed and monitored by the New Jersey Department of Family and Protective Services. Our staff members are certified in CPR, first aid and safe food handling procedures.



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