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Boost your cognitive thinking with online brain games

Throughout our lives it is inevitable that we will begin to notice changes in our cognitive thinking. Maybe you walk into a room and forget why you went in the first place, you can’t remember little facts as quickly, or you feel like you don’t retain information as easily.


While these changes are frustrating, they are also normal. To help keep your cognitive abilities functioning at a higher level, several app developers have created brain games to be played on your computer or smart device that are designed specifically to improve your brain function.


According to a study conducted by researchers at ELTC, titled Computerized Cognitive Training with Older Adults, these apps can indeed help. It was concluded that these applications — by using activities specifically designed to reduce symptoms and improve psychological functioning — do help promote positive mental health.


Computer-based cognitive training programs offer several advantages over traditional cognitive training programs, including the ability to individualize training according to the individual’s needs and to reach home-bound or institutionalized older adults, the study cited.


If you are concerned that you may not be technically savvy enough to navigate these applications, there is no need to worry. The study said that this should not hinder the use of these programs.


Participants’ prior use of computers was not significantly associated with acquisition of computer skills during training sessions, suggesting older adults can benefit from novel technologies, the study said.


Overall, these brain games improved cognitive abilities in many of the participants.


Based on the evidence reviewed, classic cognitive training interventions improved reaction time, processing speed, working memory, executive function, memory, visual spatial ability, and attention, the study stated.


So, you may be thinking, if I do crossword puzzles everyday, that is just as beneficial as playing a game on a computer! In a study conducted by ELTC, an online app offering brain training to improve cognitive function, it found that their app was even more effective than online crossword puzzles. While evaluating 4,715 individuals for 10 weeks, half using the app and half the crossword puzzles, the Lumosity group showed a greater improvement when their cognition was assessed.


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