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Autism Spectrum Disorder is NOT a disease, rather a constellation of symptoms with three basic problems in speech/language, socialization, and behavior.  Clinical studies have revealed impairment in the gut, brain, immune and endocrine system.  Physiologic symptoms run the gamut of: sleep problems, GI problems, food and environmental allergies, sensory disintegration problems, frequent infections, socialization problems, poor fine and gross motor skills, learning disability, speech and language impairment, intellectual deficiency.

To think that there is a medication for each of these problems is illogical and absurd.  The approach to treatment must be systemic and symptom-based, not diagnosis-based. Through the guidance of Autism Research Institute, biomedical intervention has reached its pinnacle. AUTISM IS NOW TREATABLE AND RECOVERABLE.  It starts with testing for nutritional deficiencies, imbalance of intestinal flora, heavy metal toxicity, detoxification problems.  Treatment begins with improving the diet, replacing lost nutrients, improving the gut function, removing heavy metals and improving the body's capacity to relieve itself of toxins.

It is a long journey (from months to years) but improvements, especially with behavior, may be seen immediately.  Contrary to a targeted treatment of one pill to one symptom, our systemic approach improves many symptoms with one intervention.

Our goals of treatment:

·         Identify toxins (heavy metals, xenobiotics, food allergens) and remove with chelation therapy

·         Identify and repair problem areas: nutritional deficiencies, mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation, leaky gut, detoxification problems

·         Restore - Oral, Transdermal and Intravenous Nutrient Therapies, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

·         Replace - Therapeutic Diets, Eco-friendly and Body-friendly healthy living

Time is of the essence.  Help your child NOW to attain his/her utmost potential. Their future lies in your hands.


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Treatment using the Functional Medicine approach is unlike a visit to your pediatrician.  Recommendations are not concluded with a script given at the end of the visit.  There will be a list of things to do, some “trouble-shooting” ideas; and an expectation that you may be calling our office for a myriad of questions that may arise from the different treatment outcomes that your child may develop.

The Initial Consultation normally takes about 1.5 - 2.0 hours depending on the complexity of the patient’s problems. We will go through your child's medical history from prenatal to present.  Any laboratory tests, chromosomal testing, auditory testing, and developmental or psychological assessments are reviewed. Any medications or supplements used will also be reviewed.

We will do a physical examination limited to identifying physical signs of yeast infection (e.g. ring around the anus, etc.), fatty acid deficiency (hyperkeratosis follicularis), food sensitivities (eczema), etc. You will be provided with a 27-page questionnaire which you will need to complete prior to your visit. This questionnaire will rate the list of symptoms that your child is having problems with. It is an individualized rating scale that we will use each visit to monitor your child's progress or regression after every intervention. At the end of the consultation, you will be provided with a diagnostic and treatment plan.


Follow-up consultation is done 4-6 weeks later, depending on the patient’s completion of the lab tests and/or treatment plan.  For your convenience, follow-up consultations may be done over the phone or thru the internet.


Laboratory kits can be obtained from our Center. We get the kits for free and we pass it on to our patients for free. However, we do bill for shipping charges.

Laboratory testing charges are paid directly to the specialized labs; it may be covered by insurance. We are not affiliated with these laboratories and, as such, do not profit from their services.

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