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Protecting Your Family’s Eyesight for Life!

Our full service eye doctor’s offices offer the highest quality medical eye care alongside our fantastic selection of glasses and contacts.


Our patients visit us from all over Keansburg NJ and are welcomed by us

professional staff of Optometrists, opticians and eye care professionals.

We offer a wide selection of medical eye care services such as eye exams,

contact lens fittings, dry eye treatment, and eye emergency care.


Our first-rate, friendly team of eye doctors will examine and treat your eyes so you have healthy, sharp vision - so you can see what you want to see. We’ll perform detailed eye exams to check your visual acuity and ocular health. From emergency eye treatment and diagnosing eye diseases, we provide a full range of eye care services in our offices in entire New Jersey area.

All of our Family Empowered Learning Transformation Centers offices are equipped with progressive technology and advanced diagnostic tools, and our professional staff stays up-to-date with the latest trends in optometry. Comprehensive eye exams and pediatric eye exams are performed with precision and attention to your personal condition and unique needs. Our optometrists will inspect the health of your eyes closely for any signs of disease, such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration.


If you need vision correction, we offer a wide array of designer frames and specialty eyeglasses. If you’re looking for an alternative to eyeglasses or contact lenses, we’ll co-manage your LASIK or other refractive surgery. Another popular option for vision correction is ortho-k, and we’ll be pleased to evaluate your eyes to determine if you’re a good candidate for this revolutionary vision shaping procedure. If ortho-k is appropriate for you, we’ll fit you expertly with the lenses and handle your follow-up care.


Nowadays, many people suffer from the irritating symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome and Computer Vision. While these conditions are not dangerous, they can be very annoying and interfere with comfortable, clear vision. If you have dry eyes or experience the discomfort caused by spending hours in front of a computer, it’s time to book an appointment with our eye doctors in New Jersey. We’ll help alleviate your symptoms and restore you’re comfortable, sharp eyesight!


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