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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Why Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Founders were inspired by our their personal and family experiences with ADHD and ADD, which drove them to create a center of excellence for ADHD and ADD.

Our providers' experience and knowledge goes far below the surface.

Their deeper understanding and passion for what they specialize in is what sets Empowered Learning Transformation Centers apart from the rest.

We understand ADHD and ADD. And we know what to do to help.



Empowered Learning Transformation Centers provides expert assessment and treatment for ADD/ADHD for both children and adults. Our holistic approach includes consideration of alternative reasons that might be causing or worsening those symptoms, such as medical, psychological, or lifestyle-related issues such as sleep, diet, and stress. Successful treatment of ADD/ADHD depends upon a thorough and comprehensive assessment.


Comprehensive assessment includes:

Screening for numerous psychiatric and medical conditions that could mimic ADHD

Screening for potential co-existing learning disorders

Psycho-emotional evaluation

Evaluation of executive function skills and attention

Review of dietary, nutrition, or lifestyle issues that may contribute to ADHD symptoms


Treatment options we offer or recommend include:

Lifestyle or dietary modifications

Nutritional supplements

Medication management


Parent-centered behavioral management training

Organizational skills training

Personal or small group coaching program


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