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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

The Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is a full service boutique psychotherapy practice on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Our doctors are specialists in the testing and treatment of ADD/ADHD and Aspergers in children, teens and adults.

We go beyond labels, taking a holistic, person-centered approach to treatment.  We don’t see you or your loved one as a diagnosis or set of symptoms, but rather as an individual with unique strengths and weaknesses. Our treatment is “big picture” and focused on the whole person. We know from experience that one magic pill does not cure ADD/ADHD or other mental health challenges.

That is why we offer psychotherapy, social skill groups, neuro feedback, nutritional, organizational coaching, tutoring and medication to improve the overall functioning of our clients.

Change will not be easy, but if all facets of one’s life are supported, change can and does happen. Call our adult, adolescent and child psychologists today for an initial evaluation.

The Empowered Learning Transformation Centers offers a comprehensive ADD ADHD testing process that goes beyond a simple checklist. We use the latest diagnostic tools to accurately assess for ADD ADHD. This process begins with a clinical interview, where we learn about early childhood symptoms and current challenges that are negatively impacting your life. After the interview, you will be given a computer-based assessment to determine deficits in focus, distractibility and impulsivity, all hallmarks of ADD ADHD.  Learn more about our adult and child ADD ADHD testing

Did you know that ...

•On average, there are 1 to 3 children who have ADHD/ADD in every classroom of 30 students.

•The rate of emotional development for children with ADHD/ADD is 30% slower than their non-ADHD/ADD peers.

•65% of children with ADHD/ADD have problems with defiance, non-compliance, and other problems with authority figures, including verbal hostility and temper tantrums.

•50% of children who have ADHD/ADD also have sleep problems.

•25% of students with ADHD/ADD have other serious learning problems in one or more of these areas: oral expression, listening skills, reading comprehension, and math.

•Half of all ADHD/ADD students have listening comprehension problems

ADHD/ADD can be a difficult diagnosis to make. However, it is a condition that with the correct medication and behavioral health regiment can be managed.  At VPA, we use interviews, behavior rating scales, symptom checklists, and neuropsychological measures to accurately diagnose and make treatment recommendations for attention disorders. 

We offer the following assessment tools: The TOVA is a computerized assessment that provides an objective measure of an individual’s attention and impulsivity. The primary purpose of the Empowered Learning Transformation Center is to assist in the classification of emotional and behavioral disorders and highlight other problems that may be of clinical importance.  The Empowered Learning Transformation Center is completed by parents, teachers, and students. The Conners 3 is a reliable questionnaire that assists with the evaluation and diagnosis of ADHD/ADD and other co-occuring disorders.  Parents, teachers, and individuals complete the Empowered Learning Transformation Center forms.


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