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ALL children have the ability to succeed!

At Empowered Learning Transformation Centers in Holmdel Township NJ, we focus on enabling children with developmental, sensory, & cognitive disabilities to live their lives as independently & rich as possible.


Occupations refer to meaningful activities that we participate in on a daily basis. Children’s main occupations are school, play, & socialization. Occupational therapy helps to address any underlying deficits that impact a child’s ability to participate in these activities & environments to their fullest potential.


Therapy focuses on increasing daily living skills to allow children to gain independence in their daily functioning through specific & targeted play. This includes facilitating performance in the following areas:


Sensory Integration

Self-care skills (i.e. dressing, grooming, hygiene, etc.)

Attention & direction following

Self-regulation skills

Socialization & play skills

Handwriting & fine motor abilities

Oral motor & feeding abilities

Environmental adaptations for home & school settings

Executive functioning: organization, abstract reasoning, problem-solving, decision making, memory, sequencing, & ideation/planning

Physical Therapy



At Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, our exceptionally trained therapists aim to provide the highest quality of therapy through an assortment of different programs. Founded in 1995, Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is based on the philosophy that ALL children have the ability to succeed!


At Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, we specialize in a variety of therapeutic treatments and programs. Each child receives an individualized therapy plan specific to their unique and ever changing needs. Home programs, consultations with support staff, and an open communication system guarantees your child will receive premiere care as they reach their goals.



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