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Rise above the normal classroom routine. Learn brain performance techniques to excel in and out of the classroom.

It is vital that students continually update and elevate their study skills when changing from elementary to middle and high school or preparing for standardized testing and college entrance exams. Too often, rote memorization and replication are the study skills of choice over comprehension and depth of understanding, leaving learning to suffer.


Our Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training teaches the cognitive processes that support deeper-level thinking, focus, and meaningful learning.


The program enables students to analyze, focus and engage in learning on a more meaningful level. Our SMART training guides students to become “neuroengineers of their own brains”. Students learn to take ownership of their brain performance inspired by curiosity that drives innovation and gives them tools to grow in the classroom and beyond.

Skip the memorization and learn smarter.


Teen Training is cognitive training through SMART (Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training). SMART is a series of brain processes that can be applied to any context. More than a decade of clinical trials has demonstrated that the approaches taught in this training strengthen the brain’s frontal networks – regions that support attention, planning, judgment and emotional management.


Teen training is offered to students currently in grades 6 – 12.


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