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Autism Testing Howell Township

Providing access to effective treatment for individuals and families affected by autism in New Jersey, enabling those affected by autism to reach their full potential.

To sustain a center of excellence for autism treatment, providing integrated, comprehensive services accessible to all families affected by autism and related disorders in New Jersey.

ELTC provides intensive, one-on-one instruction using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Our staff is highly trained and dedicated to improving the lives of children with autism by teaching important communication, academic, social, and daily living skills.


Consultation and representation at IEP and 504 Plan meetings



·         VB-MAPP

·         Functional Analysis

·         Behavior Support Planning

·         Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) Curriculum

Core Values

1.       We will treat students and their parents with respect at all times, recognizing the essential dignity of all persons, irrespective of their life circumstances.

2.       We will create an atmosphere where learning will be a fun and rewarding experience for both students and their teachers.

3.       We will look for innovative ways to solve problems when they occur, not merely identify them.

4.       We acknowledge that no individual is identical and will therefore modify the curriculum based on (or to meet) the individual needs and learning abilities of each child to facilitate success.

5.       We will stay abreast of current research and teaching strategies being developed to help children with autism and be willing to try new techniques.

6.       We will apply the basic principles of Behavior Analysis continually throughout the school day in order to make learning more successful and teaching more effective.

7.       We will strive to achieve excellence in all that we do at all times.

Statement Regarding Biomedical Interventions for Autism

Science has not yet pinpointed the cause of autism. Over the last decade, the suspected cause of autism has moved away from genetics to an increasing focus on environmental, toxic, auto-immune, and viral agents. Many children with autism also exhibit gastrointestinal, immune, allergic, sensory, motor, and physical conditions which should be treated to improve the overall health of the child. Until such time that the cause of autism is scientifically determined, we do not believe suspected causes, or treatments, should be ruled out. We support family’s choices to explore biomedical interventions and will work with families and practitioners to support healing of the child.

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