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Regular physical activity is important to the physical and mental health of everyone, and seniors often need encouragement and reassurance to participate. Exercise opportunities include classes such as Yoga, Stretch and Strength, and Walking Club. We also encourage participation in our Brain Fitness classes to sharpen mental acuity and exercise memory. Residents may also participate in purposeful activities such as caring for animals or assembling care packages for service men and women.


Social engagement is integral to the Holmdel Township community which is why we offer singing, Happy Hour, and regular excursions to keep the mind stimulated. In addition to daily resident engagement, New Jersey Senior Living is proud to offer the following memory care programs.


Life at Holmdel Township is meant to be full of vitality, joy and purpose. Our enthusiastic staff helps residents structure their time so that every day is full of engaging activities and meaningful social connection with others. We encourage participation in physical and brain fitness activities to maintain memory and enhance cognition. Residents may enjoy music, movies, art and small group gatherings that stimulate conversation and wonderful memories.


For people with advanced memory loss, the Traditions program provides a soothing environment and specialized activities based on music, sensory, and tactile stimulation. Compassionate and specially-trained staff engage residents with the extra care and patience they may need. The community, the dining experience, and social connection continue to be the foundations of the program. Everything we do is to help provide world-class memory care in Holmdel Township, NJ.


Designed for Engagement

Meaningful and individual group activities provide enriching experiences and connection with others on a daily basis. Activities and excursions are designed to maintain residents’ sense of being helpful, needed, and a valued member of a community. Common areas include indoor and outdoor areas for residents to enjoy anytime they wish. Areas for small group activities are scattered throughout the neighborhood. Residents may enjoy music, art, or engaging in activities designed to stimulate conversation and memories about times in their past.


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