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Below are the most common symptoms of ADD/ADHD.

·         Inattention

·         Has a short attention span for age

·         Has a hard time listening to others

·         Has a hard time attending to details

·         Is easily distracted

·         Is forgetful

·         Has poor organizational skills for age

·         Has poor study skills for age

·         Impulsivity

·         Often interrupts others

·         Has a hard time waiting for his or her turn in school or social games

·         Tends to blurt out answers instead of waiting to be called on

·         Takes risks often, and often without thinking before acting

·         Hyperactivity

·         Seems to always be in motion; runs or climbs, at times with no clear goal except motion

·         Has a hard time staying in a seat even when it is expected

·         Fidgets with hands or squirms when in a seat

·         Talks a lot

·         Has a hard time doing quiet activities

·         Loses or forgets things repeatedly and often

Is not able to stay on task and shifts from one task to another without completing any

These symptoms may look like other health or behavior problems. Keep in mind that many of these symptoms may happen in children and teens who don’t have ADHD. A key part in diagnosis is that the symptoms must greatly affect how the child functions at home and in school. Make sure your child sees his or her healthcare provider for a diagnosis.


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