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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

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A Pediatric sensory gym and enrichment center. Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, a pediatric enrichment center and occupational therapy sensory gym, was founded in 1995 by licensed occupational therapist.  In 1995 sensory learning environment. We have grown from one therapist providing individual therapy in our gym to several therapists providing OT services both in our gym and in local schools as well has educators providing enrichment classes in life skills, handwriting, sensory exploration and social skills


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers strives to provide children and their families empowerment to succeed in their educational, family and community environments.  We utilize proven therapeutic interventions to give kids the physical, sensory, social, cognitive, and emotional skills they need to learn and grow.



Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is an approved independent agency to provide occupational treatment through the New Jersey Department of Education. We require an RSA (related service agreement) for CSE (school aged children) or a contract for CPSE (children aged 3-5 years old)


AFTER SCHOOL IN OUR GYM:  Spots are limited and can only be held after documentation is in hand.  The DOE requires a new RSA/contract every September and a separate RSA/contract for summer services.


SCHOOL-BASED SERVICES:  When the DOE is unable to place an employee or contracted agency's OT in a school they will issue RSA's.  Availability is limited.


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