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About “Holographic Memory Resolution”: HMR is a gentle “emotional reframing” technique that began as a “relapse prevention” strategy while working with addicts and dual diagnosis clients in both outpatient and inpatient settings. Based on the pioneering work of David Grove, a psychologist from New Zealand, this gentle approach to the reframing of the emotional content of memory is a unique integration of somatic, energy, and color psychologies. By addressing the specific millisecond of paused consciousness when the “state-dependent” memory is captured, the process facilitates the release of the “frozen feelings” and paused physiology that occurs at the moment of encoding. Utilizing “primary languages” such as color, HMR empowers the client to transmit “proof of safety” to the body mind, utilizing the client’s own brainwave frequencies, thereby reducing the risk of re-live or retraumatization. Utilized with over twenty thousand trauma survivors, including rescue personnel from the Oklahoma City Bombing, TWA Flight 800, and the September 11th terrorist attacks, Brent Baum’s work led to his affiliation with the Integrative Wellness programs at the University of Arizona and at Miraval in Tucson, Arizona. HMR facilitates enhanced sensory access to and the resolution of memory, while simultaneously enabling the complex mapping of memory patterns that is necessary for the resolution of memory-based pathology. The hallmark of HMR is the empowerment of the client’s own “healer within.”


HMR Memory Mapping Software: This software, developed in observation of over one hundred thousand memories, enables the complex mapping and recording of HMR and memory-based pathology. It permits internet, wireless, secure HIPPA-compliant data recording of sessions, enabling research analysis of patterns and events contributing to pain and illness.


Many pain conditions are exacerbated or generated by stress and trauma. By empowering the body mind to reveal and address the memory-based origins of these conditions, the painful symptoms of stress and trauma, as evidenced by migraines, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, etc. can often be diminished or resolved.


Holographic Memory Resolution is a new body mind approach that allows expedient access to past memories and helps to achieve resolution of the painful emotions associated with such events without having to "re-live" such experiences and without affecting historical memory. This technique is profoundly empowering to the survivor who becomes his/her own source of healing. HMR employs both a verbal component and an optional nervous system support technique which enhances visualization and sensory access to memory while fostering safety. This client-centered process facilitates the resolution of "somatic (body) memory," thereby disarming the triggers that foster physical pain, flashback, disease, and relapse. By reducing the impact of these distortions in the cells and fields of our bodies, we can improve our immune system functioning and promote the healing of many of our "diseases," a significant percentage of which find their origins in our trauma memories.


HMR is an “emotional reframing” technique which allows reprogramming of the affect (feeling content) of memory while enhancing visual/sensory access and avoiding full re-live. Individuals who normally cannot visualize, be hypnotized, or access memory, generally find this process simple and effective. This technique is profoundly time efficient and promotes resolution and empowerment for the client whose body mind has held this pain intact since the moment of its encoding in the nervous system. Such traumatic experiences form the foundation of our addictions, depression, diseases, and many chronic pain syndromes, as well as many other "disorders." Holographic Memory Resolution® empowers the client to heal him/herself, resolving the emotions which anchored the experience in the past, and enables the client to return the focus of life to living fully empowered in the present. Certification in HMR is offered in three levels of training.


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