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Autism Testing Freehold Township

ELTC provides parent training and family-centered behavioral therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Its key goal is to teach parents life-long techniques and skills for effectively interacting with their child.

Our Services

Behavior Therapy Module

·         4 Sessions of Parent Training (8 hours)

Topics include Understanding Autism, Behavior Management, Structure with the use of Visual Supports, and Communication.

·         1-2 Sessions of Treatment Planning (Parents only)

Identifying specific behaviors or goals for treatment: Introduction to data collection to track behaviors or goals over time.

12-16 Sessions of Behavior Therapy with Child and Family

·         Family will have sessions with the therapist 1-3 times per week; Family will conduct sessions on their own at home and collect data 3-5 times per week to practice skills and recommendations.

·         Therapist will demonstrate and model:

  Utilizing structure, visual supports, and communication supports to structure the session and home.

  Behavior management strategies such as positive reinforcement, redirection, planned ignoring, and appropriate time-out procedures.

  Recommendations will be given for the family to practice at home and in the community.

  Parents will be trained in behavior management techniques and will eventually be leading the session with coaching from the therapist.

More Information

If you are interested in receiving services or would like to know more about our program, visit Empowered Learning Transformation Centers.

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Special needs pose a challenge for both child and parent. The Empowered Learning Transformation Centers leads the way in diagnosing children and adolescents from birth to age 18 who face developmental challenges. We provide highly specialized treatment programs for your child, as well as training, education and support groups for your family. We’re ready to help.

Why Choose Us for Developmental Challenges?

We work with children from birth to age 3 in your home and at the center to help them reach their fullest potential.

Your child may benefit from our Early Intervention Program if he or she:

·         Exhibits delays with no medical explanation

·         Has delayed motor skills or abnormal movements

·         Displays behavior problems

·         Exhibits abnormalities in language and socialization

·         Has unusual facial features or extremities

·         Has experienced a traumatic loss

·         or chronic illness

·         Has received treatment for developmental delay without improvement

We want you to feel educated and empowered to understand your child’s needs and how to best support him in the home and community. We work closely with you and your child to manage difficult behaviors and develop skills to maximize potential. We know you want the best for your child and want to prepare him for school and community living. Consequently, we work to go from a one-on-one, therapist-led environment to a group setting as quickly as possible.

Developmental Challenges We Treat

Perhaps your child’s caregiver has noticed some things that aren’t "quite right" about your child’s development. These may include:

·         A delay in speech or social skills

·         A lag in learning

·         Challenging behaviors

·         Problems with motor skills

You may find these unexplained issues overwhelming. For your child, waiting only prevents the care needed to succeed.

Services and Treatments

We provide the most comprehensive diagnostic and treatment center for children and adolescents with special needs in New Jersey, including:

·         Multidisciplinary diagnostic evaluations

·         Early intervention for infants and toddlers

·         Intensive treatment for children with autism

·         Behavior therapy

·         Social skills groups for different ages, diagnoses and needs, up to 21 years

·         Parent training and support groups

·         Groups for siblings of children with disabilities and chronic illness

Pediatric rehabilitation services, including speech/language, occupational and physical therapies

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