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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

...where children are valued for their natural need and desire to learn, their sincere curiosity of the world around them, and for their love of exploring the world around them.

...where staff are valued for their unique abilities and ideas, their commitment and passion towards creating a program and team in the best interest and benefit of the children, for their continual strive to make their classroom environment the best it can be, and for their ability to create and build on strong relationships with children, families, and staff.

...where families are valued for the love and understanding they provide to their children, the relationships they build with our staff, their enthusiasm in supporting the center and staff, and in their eagerness to entrust their children into our care.

At the Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, our first and strongest belief is that all children have the right to a safe, warm, clean and nurturing environment. It is our job and pleasure to provide such an environment for all children involved in our program. We also operate on the belief that all children are capable and have potential, that they construct their own learning, and that they bring with them a natural need and desire to explore. This desire must be actively encouraged, nurtured, and guided. We believe that children’s learning is optimized when they are actively engaged in child-directed activities that peak their curiosity and imagination and when these activities have personal meaning to them.


Furthermore, we believe that the children are part of a larger picture of family and the outside community. Parents are strongly encouraged and supported in being an active part of the center and their child’s learning. Children are involved with the outside community through activities both at the center and outside the center.


The Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is committed to providing children with a safe and pleasant school environment while being stimulated in the areas of social, ethical, physical, artistic and intellectual development.


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