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Attention Deficit Disorder or what is more commonly referred to as ADD, is a term that is used frequently by professionals and the public. But, what many people don’t know is that ADD and ADHD are actually the same thing. To learn more about the two terms and about our ADD testing services and neuropsychological testing services in Freehold Borough, please visit our ADD Testing page.  Understanding ADD and the appropriate treatments for it is important. If you believe you or someone you care for is suffering from ADD it is important to contact a clinician so they can assist you in finding the proper diagnosis.

Many of these people were never diagnosed during childhood and are unsure whether their struggles really relate to ADHD. In adulthood, ADHD is often associated with work or academic performance problems, family and relationship struggles, and mental and physical health issues. And it can be just plain frustrating.

The first step to treating ADHD is to obtain an accurate diagnosis. At Empowered Learning Transformation Center, our approach to diagnosing ADHD in adults includes obtaining a detailed history from the client and conducting comprehensive neuropsychological testing and evaluation to measure attention and other cognitive functions that can be negatively impacted by ADHD. Following completion of testing, our neuropsychologists meet with clients to review test results, answer questions and review treatment options, strategies, and resources for managing symptoms of ADHD.

Following your ADHD testing and evaluation, you may be referred for ADHD treatment services at Empowered Learning Transformation Center, if you and your neuropsychologist feel that it would be helpful. Empowered Learning Transformation Center has specialists in ADHD coaching, Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy, ADHD medication management, cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, and stress management services.


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