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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers of Farmingdale, NJ

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers has been established to aid patients who have had problems with ADD/ADHD.  The Center’s goals are to help evaluate, diagnose, as well as treat patients of all ages.  With the emphasis on strategies to adapt to the world when dealing with ADD/ADHD, Empowered Learning Transformation Centers ADHD has been concentrating on improving a person’s ability to meet the demands of today’s life.

The Center has been established with a goal of furthering research and development of Adaptive Education techniques, aiding persons with ADHD in navigating their way through an education system that is geared more toward neurotypical individuals.  Problems with learning often are the reasons most people suspect that they may be dealing with ADHD.  We work in conjunction with ADHD coaches, as well as local schools and health providers.  We try to provide a comprehensive Center that can help in every aspect of life for the individual with ADHD. 

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers works with students at the local high schools and Universities.  We help with accommodations in school and train individuals how to work through difficulties at home, work and especially in their educational experience.   



Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is just one of a group of pervasive, debilitating disorders affecting about 30 million Americans and up to 10 percent of the world's population. Heightened awareness of the condition has led to earlier recognition and diagnoses, but many adults with ADD/ADHD go undiagnosed and untreated.

The People at Empowered Learning Transformation Centers understand the difficulties people with ADD/ADHD face navigating the fast paced world of college life. They are an approachable, accessible area of expertise.


Symptom Checklist

If you think you might have ADD/ADHD, click on the Symptoms box to the right, and consider a series of questions designed to illustrate the challenges that many ADD/ADHD sufferers face in everyday life. If you have previously been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or a similar disorder, and would like to establish a new medical home for the treatment of your condition, click on the Treatment box to the right.


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