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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers in Farmingdale, NJ


We provide consistent care along with educational activities to facilitate fun and enjoyable learning. As a private school in Farmingdale, NJ. We serve families of the area with valuable education for all pre-school aged children.


Accredited Education

Our experience and training all contribute to our NAEYC accreditation. This certification, held by only 8 percent of preschools in the United States, shows our reliability and commitment to early childhood education.


High-quality education matters, especially as your children prepare for school in the years to come. Whether your future plans include public or private school, your child will gain a strong educational foundation with our various education programs.


Many parents may choose a simple daycare program in Farmingdale, NJ, but a daycare doesn’t provide your child with valuable school experience. With our programs and strategies, we facilitate school readiness and a love of learning.


Creative Curriculum

At Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, we believe that learning can and should be fun. With this approach, our students enjoy many programs specifically geared to meet their needs. Below are some of our basic programs:


    Infant care



    Kindergarten Prep

    Summer Day Camp


From infants to children around 7 years of age, each student receives individualized care and teaching. We use enriching activities to promote an enjoyable environment where learning prevails.


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