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New classes to protect memory, boost brain health coming to Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

At some point, everyone has had the unfortunate experience of drawing a complete blank when trying to remember someone’s name or trying to capture a word that’s just on the tip of your tongue.

That process of retrieving information actually does decline to some degree as we get older.

But just as lifting weights can help your biceps stay strong so you can complete everyday tasks like carrying grocery bags, and just as walking at a good clip keeps your heart healthy, exercising your brain can help protect against cognitive decline.

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers will offer two new scientifically-proven memory education programs, designed to make new information “stickier” and shore up your memory bank.

The programs, designed and certified through the Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, are based on 40 years of brain research demonstrating that focused training can help improve memory, attention and recall. The well-known ACTIVE study demonstrated that just 10 hours of memory training still had protective effects a decade later.

The demand for such coursework was evident given the overwhelming popularity of annual brain awareness events at Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, including Brain Aerobics sessions.

What science has increasingly shown through the whole concept of brain plasticity is that the brain is not fixed and rigid and does have the ability to change throughout the lifespan. The fact it can change and rewire itself as we take in new information has really revolutionized how we think about our ability over time to retain and recall information.”

It also means it’s never too late to learn new skills, Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, studies have shown there are practices you can incorporate into your daily life that will provide cognitive benefits that can last for years.”

    Memory Training for those with normal, age-related memory challenges. Participants learn strategies over a four-week program to address the most common memory complaints, from forgetting names to misplacing objects or forgetting important appointments.

    Memory Fitness for those with mild memory concerns. Participants will focus over a six-week series on the four areas of life that will help maintain memory fitness – diet, exercise, stress reduction and memory training.


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