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Hello Prospective Parents! Thanks for your interest in advance. Please reach out to us by email so that we can inform you of any future openings. For parents with children 8 weeks to 15 months of age, we recommend securing child care space 9-14 months in advance. For parents with children 16 months to four years of age, please reach out to us so that we can inform you of our next available opening. We respond the quickest to email inquiries.


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers provides childcare for children ages 8 weeks to 6 years old.


Full Time and Part Time Care

We offer five days and four-day care options a week.


We take pride in not only being a dual language-based center, but also being a family owned and operated childcare.


Spanish Education

Having access to both Spanish and English can provide children with many opportunities in the future. Studies have shown that being exposed to two languages from birth is the best way to become bilingual. Most of our employees speak Spanish and English, while some of our employees only speak Spanish.


In our infant classrooms and younger toddler classrooms, Spanish will be spoken to children most of the time. Once in the older toddler and preschool classrooms, both Spanish and English will be incorporated equally so that children are ready academically for Kindergarten. Most of the children that graduate from our preschool program enroll in Elementary Schools that offer Spanish classes or Spanish components.


As always, parents are encouraged to be a part of their child’s learning process every step of the way. Parents may find themselves singing Spanish songs their children have learned at school or reciting the days of the week along with their children in Spanish at home.


All tours require an appointment, unfortunately, we do not offer drop in tours. Tours usually take about ten minutes depending on questions that prospective parents may have. Because we want to make sure that we are providing the best quality childcare to each and every one of our families, after the tour, parents and director or office staff will discuss whether our center is a right fit for their family and vice versa. Additionally, we will email prospective parents a copy of our policies before their scheduled tour.


The best way to reach us is by email, we will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have through email.


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