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Getting the Right Adult ADHD / ADD Diagnosis: Could it be ADHD?

If you suspect that you have ADD / ADHD, we strongly suggest a formal ADHD assessment. In all likelihood, you have been dealing with these symptoms for a very long time. Not having a proper diagnosis or treatment has likely taken a toll and many adults who do have ADHD develop other issues as a result. It is not unusual to have depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or even problems with substance abuse when ADHD goes undetected.

In our assessments for adult attention deficit disorder, we often find that people have above average to gifted IQ (intelligence) scores, and this helps it all make sense. You’ve made it this far because you are bright and capable, NOT because you are lazy and unmotivated. Many adults we test are highly motivated, yet struggle to achieve their goals.

Something is getting in your way!

It’s important to mention that many adults are also incorrectly labeled with adult ADHD, when the symptoms they are having are actually a sign of something else. Our assessment process looks at the whole picture, so that we can help you get on the right path to improvement.

Quite often, Self-report questionnaires are the main method for diagnosing ADHD when you talk to your primary care physician or even to your counselor or therapist. While these are helpful in the diagnosis of ADHD, they are not sufficient in ruling out other possible causes for your struggles. ADHD medications, neurofeedback, and coaching can be costly – so it’s important that you are getting the right adult ADD treatment for your symptoms.


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