Empowered Learning Transformation Centers Opens New Location in Bethesda, MD

After more than 20 years of success in Hazlet, NJ and Stamford, CT locations, ELTC opened the doors to its third facility in Bethesda, MD at the end of April 2015.

Third Location To Host Two-Day Grand Opening Celebrations for D.C. Area

BETHESDA, MD (April 20, 2015)—The Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, a breakthrough fusion of educational and medical technology that corrects learning deficiencies by changing brain and mind/body integration, will open the doors of its third location in Bethesda, Maryland at 8120 Woodmont Avenue, on Sunday, April 26 and Monday, April 27 for a two-day open house grand opening celebration.

“We are excited to bring the Empowered Learning Transformation Center to Bethesda and share our program with those eager to enhance their learning abilities in the D.C. area,” said Peter Riddle, co-founder of ELTC. “Our centers use special training modules and tools to ensure the success of each individual’s control in the ability to learn and process content information. We felt as though expanding into the D.C area was the next natural step in the growth of the impact of the centers as a whole.”

With two locations already established in Stamford, CT and Hazlet, NJ, ELTC has helped learners of all ages and ability breakthrough to peak performance levels in the areas of learning, focus and attention for over 20 years. In addition to transitioning over 700 students with ADHD/ADD off powerful medications, the centers have worked with students with learning difficulties, adult professionals straining to keep up with heavy workloads, athletes looking to improve their game, and those looking to reach their maximum potential.

“Our centers have forever changed the lives of more than 5,000 children and adults for the better with only two locations,” said Dr. Richard Reutter, medical director and co-founder at ELTC. “With this new D.C location, we will be able to use our individualized approach and tailored assessments to efficiently correct deficiencies in different learning areas.”

About Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

For more than 20 years, Empowered Learning Transformation Centers have empowered people of all ages with the ability to learn and perform better. Using proprietary tools and programs, each client is guided through an individualized approach to enhance their ability to learn, comprehend, analyze, organize and manage academic concepts. The Empowered Learning Transformation Center addresses the core of learning and behavioral issues to rewire the brain to perform at a higher level. Whether a young child struggling with ADHD or other learning disabilities, an average student seeking to improve grades, or an adult overwhelmed with daily workload, the centers help people function optimally. Empowered Learning Transformation Centers are located in Stamford, CTHazlet, NJ and Bethesda, MD. For more information, please call 1-(844)-200-ELTC.

Ricardo Gonzalez