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We are a child and family friendly therapy and children's center conveniently located in the heart of Queens. We encourage physical and social development in a fun-filled and safe environment for children of all abilities!



Focuses on gross motor abilities and training with emphasis on muscle strength, balance, coordination and endurance to keep up with age-approriate peers.



Focuses on fine motor development and functional advancement with emphasis on motor planning, dexterity and bilateral manipulation, handwriting skills, self help skills, work behavior such as improving attention span, concentration, frustration tolerance and impulse control. Self regulation and modulation techniques and activities of daily living is also a primary concern for children with sensory issues or sensory processing disorder.


Why Bring My Child To A Sensory Gym?

Sensory Gyms are often seen as a child's paradise. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. A sensory gym is a structured environment especially designed to promote cognitive-behavioral social skills, fine motor and gross motor development and problem solving skills in a safe and non-threatening setting. It can help child better process information through sensory integration that is established by organizing sensations coming from the body and the environment. Children with special needs presents with trouble integrating such information because they are either too little or too much stimulation coming through their senses. For that reason, it is difficult for these children to function effectively and thus the classroom frustration learning cycle continues. Sensory integration was defined by occupational therapist Empowered Learning Transformation Centers in 1995 as "the neurological process that organizes sensation from one's own body and from the environment and makes it possible to use the body effectively within the environment". In a sensory gym setting, a child is free to explore and modulate the amount of sensation that the body is seeking to achieve an optimal level of arousal and regulation. Once achieved, children can better process and integrate new information and new skill presented to them.


Although sensory gyms are beneficial to children with special needs, it is NOT exclusive. It is designed to promote the same skill level and developmental gains for children (and adults!) of all abilities. Still in doubt? Please call us so we can better assist you.


What Is A Sensory Diet?

Sensory diet is not at all about nutrition. Sensory diet is a group of carefully planned activities developed uniquely for each child that aims to assist with attention, arousal and adaptive responses. It may involve different types of sensory inputs such as vestibular, auditory, proprioceptive, tactile, oral motor and gustatory, initiated various times during the day depending on the child's need and family schedule and resources. A sensory diet program ultimately aims to sustain an appropriate level of arousal that is required for improved learning.


Questions? Please consult with your occupational therapist about the appropriateness and possibility of a sensory diet for your child.

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