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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

All students deserve the right to be successful academically. We pinpoint underlying causes of academic-related difficulty through diagnostic evaluations and help to develop specific plans to increase academic outcomes.


At Empowered Learning Transformation Centers we provide evaluation, consultation, therapy, and training to help students, parents, and teachers better understand specific learning disabilities.


We partner together with schools and teachers in order to support your team in providing universal instruction that supports students with specific learning disabilities.


We support students so they can achieve their potential.



Specific difficulty in decoding, reading fluency, spelling or writing caused by an underlying difficulty processing the sound and letter (phonological and orthographic) patterns in our language.


Executive Functioning

Difficulty planning, organizing, and overall strategy in academic and personal life that results in poor grades due to missed assignments or poor study skills.


Related Learning Disabilities

We support students with dyscalculia (specific difficulty in math) and dysgraphia (specific difficulty in writing) by providing concrete tips and strategies that work.


What does evidenced-based reading support look like?

Evidenced-based reading refers to approaches that have been supported by independent research studies (this means not studied by the company that created the program). The most well known approach to reading intervention for dyslexic students is called Orton-Gillingham (OG).


There are several programs that follow an OG approach but it is important to make sure that the program your child will be using his truly hitting all components of OG instruction.


It is also important to note that different "OG Programs" are better suited for different age groups or learning profiles. Orton-Gillingham can begin at a pre-K level but of course the instructional techniques and scope of the program would be quite different. The most important aspects of good OG intervention are:


    It’s systematic and sequential – It builds on itself from the basic concepts to more complex concepts and follows a logical order frequently revisiting previously taught concepts.

    It’s explicit – Every concept, sound pattern, and strategy are taught directly through specific procedures and it is not assumed that a child knows or will pick up on these concepts on their own.

    It’s diagnostic – Every child learns things at a different pace and needs more or less practice than another child to master specific concepts. This instruction meets each child in his or her own place by working with the strengths of the child to overcome the weaknesses. This requires a great deal of data collection in every session.


We are more than happy to look at any previous testing you may have had to help you understand how best to support your child because all students are different and all too often we see "blanket" recommendations made for students with dyslexia without diving deeper into the student's individual strengths, weaknesses, and needs.



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