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At Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, New Jersey we care for infants to teens, patients with special needs, and athletes of all ages. Our eye doctors are experienced and skilled in providing vision care and comprehensive eye exams for children with autism, autism spectrum disorders, and developmental delays. Some of the visual / neuro-optometric conditions we diagnose and treat are issues involving eye tracking, eye teaming, convergence insufficiency, strabismus, and amblyopia.

Processing and

Cognitive Enhancement (PACE)

Your Child Can Get Ahead This Summer with Brain Training at The Solution Center

Since 1995, the doctors and therapists at Empowered Learning Transformation Centers have been providing customized PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement) sessions to our patients. While there are other facilities that offer brain training in the Columbus area, we are the only program run by developmental optometrists who are specially educated in using the visual system to improve brain function.


In just a few hours per week this summer, your child can make dramatic progress in skills that are essential to success in school.

Imagine being able to process faster, think more logically, respond quicker, and increase ability to perform many tasks simultaneously!

PACE sessions help patients improve skills that are necessary to succeed in school.

Information on our PACE Program

PACE increases the overall ability to learn by strengthening mental skills. PACE im­proves skills that are necessary for success in school— time management, organization, working memory, auditory & visual processing, executive function skills, and staying on task. Under the direction of one of our doctors, a specially trained therapist will work with your child and positively engage them in fun activities, all while training them to use their brain in a more efficient manner.


There is no cost for the testing and the consultation with the doctor to see if your child is a good candidate for PACE.

Because 80% of what is learned is gathered through the visual system and therefore to ensure that each student is receiving the best visual information, we ask that all PACE participants have had a comprehensive eye exam within 12 months of starting PACE. Records can be sent to our office from your primary care optometrist or one of your doctors can perform this exam.

Many parents come to us after their child’s teacher has told them that their child has problems with* executive function* (sometimes called executive skills or metacognitive skills).

Executive functions are a set of mental processes that help us connect past experience with present action. We use executive functions to perform activities such as planning, organizing, paying attention to details, remembering details, and managing time. Executive functions are essential to a child’s success in school.

Executive functions include:

Planning and Prioritizing

Time Management


Working Memory

Metacognition (executive function skills are sometimes called metacognitive skills)

Response Inhibition

Self Regulation of Affect

Task Initiation

Task Flexibility

Goal-Directed Persistence

Sustaining Attention

Disengaging Attention

Regulation of Processing Speed


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