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Not Just for Kids! We provide Adult ADHD Tests.

Are you considering adult ADHD testing? Proper methods of diagnosing and treating ADHD symptoms in adults simply weren’t available when they were in school. Our understanding of adult ADHD (or “ADD”) has improved greatly over time.

You most likely had the ability to mask and cope with your symptoms during childhood (or had very helpful parents!), enough so that you made it through high school, college, and sometimes even graduate school without a diagnosis or treatment. But those accomplishments often come at a cost.

You probably had to put in WAY MORE EFFORT than your peers to accomplish the same amount of work.

You most likely struggled with SELF-ESTEEM issues and never felt good enough.

Let’s be clear though, adult ADD / ADHD does not begin in adulthood. This is a persistent issue that begins during childhood. Many who don’t get diagnosed until they are adults are very bright people who have have gone for most of their lives without a diagnosis because they have been able to compensate. Some fall into the category of “twice-exceptional” while others have many strengths that have helped them to cope and get by despite the underlying struggles.


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