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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Personalized therapy using fun & play to facilitate growth and development.

Individual Therapy Sessions

One-on-one physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech language pathology in a specialized sensory gym environment.


Unique Group Classes

Targeted to meet a variety of needs, our groups help children to build skills while promoting positive peer interaction.


We have been treating children in a sensory gym environment on New Jersey Upper East Side for over 10 years. Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

Our gym was engineered and designed by professionals that specialize in creating “state-of-the-art multi-sensory play environments”. Our mission is to provide every child with opportunities for positive play in a therapeutic environment


Thoroughly assess each child's strengths and differences and make a realistic plan for the future

Work to build positive relationships with parents

Take pride in maintaining constant communication with parents for at home activities

Believe that a team approach produces the greatest success

Continuously educate our staff with state-of-the-art treatment methods

Open communication with parents and caretakers is a major key to success


Continuous Education

Our therapists are constantly educating themselves with state of

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is a specialized sensory gym and therapy clinic providing pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and play therapy. We believe that all children are unique and deserve a treatment plan that is specific to their individual needs using fun and play to facilitate function and progress.


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers was created to offer a unique, fun and professional treatment space outside of the standard in-school therapy sessions. We offer an interactive play space that caters to all children and their parents.


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers employs experienced pediatric specialists in the fields of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech language pathology.   We provide thorough assessments for each child prior to a formal treatment plan. This evaluation takes into account all perspectives and provides parents with a complete picture of their child’s strengths and challenges. Specific goals are then set and a formal plan is put in place to reach these goals.  We believe that building positive relationships with parents dramatically increases the child’s success. Our therapists pride themselves on maintaining a constant and open communication flow with parents on each child and their progress.


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