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Taking care of your mental and emotional well-being should be as comfortable as any self-care routine. These types of services are for everybody, not just someone with a serious problem! And, for the athlete, strengthening and focusing the mind along with the body can make all the difference in performance.


Each of us who work at LFWC are committed to our own personal fitness program as well as making emotional and spiritual well-being not just something we talk about, but something we live!


Now, under one roof, athletes of all levels can find programs to restore energy, regain balance in an over-stressed world and improve their game. Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is a leader in behavioral health, helping clients live a more abundant life since the year 2000. Let us help you experience the difference in your life.

Unleash Your Potential


Get your Mind in the Game!

At Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, we help athletes reach their personal best. Whether a professional team, college athlete, competitive recreational athlete or a “weekend warrior”, we work with a broad range of athletic skill level and sports to bolster performance results.


Our highly trained Sport Performance professionals deliver sport psychology solutions including:


    Sport Psychology Injury Rehabilitation

    Goal Setting for Peak Performance

    Relaxation and Energizing Techniques

    Negotiating Pressures of Competition

    Stress and Coping

    Training Concentration and Attention Control

    Team Motivation and Management

    Anxiety Management





In addition, we offer a range of body wellness programs including private and group yoga sessions and nutritional counseling – all delivered with the unique needs of the athlete in mind.


And for those more challenging times in life, our staff of trained psychologists and certified counselors are there to help you and your family weather the storm and get back on track.


Take Advantage of the Most Powerful Weapon you Have – Your Mind!


Excellence in sport demands as much discipline and training of the mind as it does of the body. On the elite competitive level, those who excel are those who are the strongest mentally. Empowered Learning Transformation Centers can provide you with the mental strategies necessary to gain the competitive edge. With the theories, techniques and interventions of contemporary sport psychology, her will challenge you to do more than you would do on your own.


The Needs of Today’s Athlete are Understood

In addition to years of formal education and specialized training in sport psychology, Empowered Learning Transformation Centers also has an extensive background in athletics. He knows what it means to be an athlete. His experiences range from working with professional level and elite athletes, to those with recreational interest.


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