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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

The purpose of this Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is to provide the best Therapeutic counseling and educational possibilities to the diverse general population of Colts Neck Township. The Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is a registered nonprofit organization in the State of New Jersey. The agency’s vision is to efficiently and effectively provide the clients with possible and necessary skills to help them restore self-respect, hope and accountability. Our treatment goals are guided by our compassionate understanding and belief that positive personal change is possible when people invest time, energy and resources to it. We emphasize a quality Care because this is one of the several ideas that set Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, treatment agency apart from other treatment agencies and programs.


At Empowered Learning Transformation Centers., we provide our clients with the valuable skills and knowledge to help them prevent relapse and recidivism, and much more. It is also the vision of Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, Inc to provide comprehensive counseling and educational opportunities in mental health field to our clients in such a way that makes client/treatment provider relationship a positive experience.


It is also the goal of the Diversity Counseling and Education Center, Inc. to target the growing immigrant population in the State of Colorado. This agency takes into consideration the fact that many individuals who need behavioral adjustments are turned down due to lack of funds; at Diversity Counseling and Education Center no one is turned down. However, no treatment is free of charge, our charge is aimed at being reasonable. We offer a Sliding scale form of payment.  We seek to provide evidence-based treatment with the goal that restoring people’s emotional health, self-confidence, ability to take responsibility for one’s behavior, and stopping abusive and or addictive behaviors in themselves come first.


Our business doors are open to all individuals who are highly motivated for a change. Our interest is to help people of all backgrounds reach their intended educational/therapeutic goals. Our Counselors/Treatment Providers are highly qualified and credentialed and hold many years of experience in the fields of Substance Abuse/Addictions, Domestic Violence Offender Treatment, and other psychotherapeutic knowledge, to mention just a few.


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