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ELTC offers a number of clinical autism treatment programs for children on the spectrum of disorders. These services are provided by the Center for Human Development (CHD), children's speech and language pathology, physical and occupational therapy and social work. These specialized autism treatment programs allow highly trained Deal professionals to individualize critical and timely treatment based on the needs of a particular child.

The multidisciplinary approach offered at ELTC makes sure that appropriate assessment, diagnosis and treatment is available for families and children experiencing the challenging effects of autism.

By combining one or more of these many autism treatment programs, representing a variety of respected and differing approaches to intervention, ELTC’s experienced and highly skilled physicians and clinicians can modify treatment as a child grows, progresses and becomes more involved with family, friends and the educational opportunities in the community.


ELTC offers individualized autism spectrum disorder treatment programs in a variety of areas for treating children. Whether your child needs speech and language pathology, occupational or physical therapy, social work, psycho-therapy or tutoring we have a program to meet your needs.

Individual Speech and Language Treatment Sessions

Specialized speech-language pathologists provide a diagnostic evaluation and an individualized treatment program focused upon helping each child achieve their maximum communicative and social potential.  Parent observation and education continue throughout the treatment program and an individualized home program is designed to enhance the child's progress outside of the clinical environment.

Lil' Sprouts Parent Education Group Program

This autism spectrum disorder treatment program teaches parents how to begin to stimulate play, speech and language within the home environment. Speech-language pathologists demonstrate effective interactive play strategies and offer parents an opportunity to practice their new learning while interacting with their children during the Lil' Sprouts training sessions.

Pediatric Autism Learning System for Pragmatic and Language Stimulation (PALS for PALS)

This learning system is an early intervention group and individual autism spectrum disorder treatment program for preschoolers that is critical to making significant changes in communication for children with regulatory disorders involving attention, language learning and behavior problems.

RE/MAX Communication Station Preschool Program

This program, funded by RE/MAX, and a proud sponsor of Children's Miracle Network, is designed to meet the needs of children who are primarily language impaired between the ages of three and six years. The classroom is team-taught by a speech-language pathologist and a certified early intervention special education teacher.

Pragmatic Enrichment Group Program (PEP)

This program is specifically designed to teach and encourage social interactive skills while providing exciting language-enhancing activities for children with a PDD or ASD diagnosis between the ages of five to fourteen years.

Individual Occupational Therapy Sessions

Occupational therapists help a child with range of motion, strength, fine motor skills (including handwriting), sensor motor skills, eating skills and self-care skills (like feeding and dressing). The goal of occupational therapy is to help a child with functional limitations become as independent at home, community and school as possible. Some examples of autism spectrum disorder treatment approaches that may be utilized by an occupational therapist working with an Autistic child include sensory integration, interactive metronome and therapeutic listening.

Individual Physical Therapy Sessions

Physical therapists help a child improve range of motion, strength, flexibility, balance and gross motor skills. Physical therapists help with skills for mobility (walking, stairs, running, jumping) and age appropriate play for home, community and school. The goal of physical therapy for the Autistic child is to facilitate mobility and gross motor coordination using play and sensory-based activities.

Social Work/Case Management Services

A social worker coordinates services with other members of the therapy team, as well as your family. Autism Testing Deal services include assistance with and coordination of insurance issues, resources and referral information. The social worker can also provide individual and family short-term counseling related to adjustment and coping issues.

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