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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers- BUILD a BETTER Body- Build a Better Brain- at Any AGE!


Colts Neck Township, NJ – PT Plus has launched the first brain fitness program in the New Jersey Area. Cognitive health is emerging as the #1 concern of baby boomers as they age! Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is a cognitive fitness program based on the latest evidence designed to improve your brain health & performance at any age!


Whether you are worried about performance in the boardroom or remembering where you put your keys, Empowered Learning Transformation Centers can provide a baseline test to measure your physical & lifestyle fitness as well as your cognitive performance. The testing will compare your results to your peers in the areas of memory, attention, information processing, visual spatial, skills, motor planning & language all important for your ability to function in your daily life.


Following testing, the PT Plus Empowered Learning Transformation Centers Coaches will take you through prescription-based aerobic workout that focuses on improving cardiovascular health, mood, and energy levels while stimulating important brain chemistry that improves your brain physiology. Cognitive training is also included designed to challenge key functions of your brain functions.


Finally, lifestyle education covering nutritional choices, stress management, smart supplement use, and sleep hygiene add to the wellness program. The results are a better brainy lifestyle and better brain scores!


PT Plus is a locally owned physical therapy practice with five clinics in Colts Neck Township and surrounding areas of New Jersey. Its mission remains as it was when its original clinics opened in Colts Neck Township: to promote professional autonomy and quality rehabilitation services in the communities it serves. The PT Plus team believes that integrative health care is important for overall well-being and that manual therapy, or hands-on treatment, is an important component of one’s treatment plan. For more information, visit



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