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What are psychological assessments? 

Psychological assessments, also called psychological evaluations, are an intensive service provided by psychologists to determine whether a specific diagnosis or concern is present.  Psychological assessments use formal testing followed by a report and recommendations for treatment. 

What psychological assessments do you provide? We provide psychological assessments for:

o   Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD, formerly called ADD or Adult ADD)

o   Learning Disorders including Dyslexia/Disorder of Written Expression, Math Disorder, and Reading Disorder

o   Giftedness/IQ (Intelligence and Academic Performance testing)

o   General Mental Health including Mood Disorders such as Bipolar Disorder

When are psychological assessments necessary? 

Some diagnoses such as Learning Disorders require formal testing and a report to have an accurate diagnosis.  We cannot tell from a therapy session alone whether someone has a learning disorder.  Some diagnoses that are most appropriate for psychological assessment include:

o   Learning Disorders (Reading Disorder, Math Disorder, Disorder of Written Expression/Dyslexia)

o   Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD, formerly called ADD)

o   Other concerns such as mood disorders like Bipolar and general mental health concerns

What happens during a psychological assessment?  Psychological assessments are composed of several parts. 

Diagnostic Interview:  First, you will meet for a complete diagnostic interview.  This is a structured interview that allows me to take a complete history and informs what tests we need to administer.  During this interview, you get to discuss the things that are bothering you (symptoms).  For example, if you are being assessed for ADHD, you will have the opportunity to talk about difficulties with concentration.

Testing sessions.  During testing sessions, you will complete a test, much like you did when you were a student in school.  The types of tests that we administer depend highly on each individual's concerns.  For example, you might take an IQ test as part of a learning disorder assessment. 

Feedback session and written report:  The last time we meet, you will receive a formal, written report, usually 10-20 pages in length.  The report summarizes what we discussed in the diagnostic interview and the test results from the tests you took during the testing sessions.  The report will also provide you with formal diagnoses, if they are appropriate.  Most importantly, the report includes complete treatment recommendations so you will have a plan to address your concerns.  For example, if you are diagnosed with ADHD, you will have a complete list of things you can do to help yourself.  Treatment recommendations are written for each individual and are highly tailored to you needs.


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