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Autism Testing Brielle

The ELTC is a unique resource that is dedicated to patients 18 and older with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders. We focus on the clinical treatment, as well as the emotional and psychological issues of our patients and their families. Our specialists in neurosciences provide expert consultation for ongoing medical care and assist primary caregivers in maximizing quality of life for these individuals. Active in research, our team is continually striving to learn more about developmental disorders and finding new ways to diagnose and treat them.

The Autism Testing Brielle is for those with neurological care or behavioral issues related to their disability, including:

·         Autism

·         Epilepsy

·         Neurotropic medications for behavior, anxiety, aggression, sleep

·         Movement disorders of muscle tone, gait, parkinsonian type issues, tremors, catatonia, etc

·         Side effects of being on medication for their condition

·         Sleep disorder

·         Headaches, other neurological issues

During the clinic a patient will meet with members of our multi-disciplinary team, including neurologists, neuro-psychologists and social workers. Learn more about our team.

The treatment is held monthly and each patient can expect to spend a half-day at Autism Testing Brielle office. Call us for more information.

To provide comprehensive care to patients along the autism spectrum, while continuing research that will provide a breakthrough cure for autism.

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