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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is the quality indoor training of Bradley Beach New Jersey area. Our goal is to provide a facility where pole vaulters performance based on speed, strength, and jumping ability are frequently measured and used as the basis for development of the vaulters performance improvement plan.


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is committed to continuously improving its knowledge of teaching the pole vault. We strive to have an environment where pole vaulters of all skill levels can come and learn how to "Run Faster, Jump Higher and Safer".


In 2000 ESPN reported that Pole Vaulting was the second most difficult sport. It was second to hitting a baseball in the major leagues. A pole vaulter must be able to sprint carrying a pole vaulting pole while at the same time moving the pole to the correct position for the plant and takeoff. The vaulter then must jump off of the ground; swinging and inverting their body in preparation for a gymnastic fly-away that requires a half turn over the bar. Pole Vaulting requires training for speed, strength, jumping ability, gymnastic skills and endurance.


For the First time in the state of New Jersey, private indoor pole vault training is available for all of the required skills under one roof. Empowered Learning Transformation Centers provides specialized pole vault training in Bradley Beach New Jersey area.

Whether you are a first-time vaulter, an intermediate or an accomplished vaulter Bradley Beach New Jersey has what you need. We sincerely hope you choose to come and experience Bradley Beach New Jersey, taking part in all the fun, learning, training and competitions.


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