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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers proudly offers an intimate, individualized, and private setting for movement, fine motor, and sensory integrative experiences. Our gym provides children of all ages the opportunity to develop and integrate their skills and sensory processing in a fun and comfortable environment. We have created a loving and supportive environment to facilitate the growth and development of each child through a multifaceted approach to occupational therapy.

We provide individualized, quality occupational therapy services in a unique boutique setting, and complete customization for each child’s needs.

We teach both parent and child to overcome daily obstacles, improve sensory organization and reaction to promote natural development of fine motor, gross motor and higher level cognitive and perceptual skills.

DURING THE SENSORY-BASED OT SESSION, therapist and child interact in our specialized sensory gym, furnished with toys, ropes, swings, and other equipment used to foster appropriate responses to sensation, in an active and meaningful way. Although therapy sessions appear to be playtime, they are subtly structured so that your child is challenged but always successful in completing each activity. The emphasis of these sessions is on developing appropriate responses to sensation and making them automatic, so that daily activities can be successfully performed. By identifying the underlying problems within specific sensory systems we are then able to customize a curriculum that helps your child develop sensory processing to successfully meet every day challenges.


Our Center Based Services Include:

Assessments and Ongoing Treatment

To maximize a child’s strengths, while pinpointing any limitations in fine motor, visual motor, and visual perceptual, sensory motor, sensory processing, handwriting and self-care skills, and developing programs for functional improvement. We emphasize core strength, postural control, and alignment, movement patterns, activities of daily life and self help skills, grooming and dressing, play and socialization training

Handwriting Evaluation and Therapy (Grapho-Motor Skills)

Utilizing our certification in the Handwriting without Tears curriculum

Individualized Environmental Modification Consulting

Organizing and adapting home/classroom to meet each child’s specific needs, and implementing the use of adaptive equipment when appropriate

Specialized Techniques

Family “Engine” Self-Regulation Consultations

Integrative Listening System


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