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These sessions and programs are designed for both boys and girls ages 7-16.  Whether they are new to the sport or a varsity level player, our programs will provide them with the tools to improve their skills, leadership and confidence that will take their game to the Empowered Learning Transformation Centers.  These programs focus on the fundamentals of basketball and promotes good sportsmanship, emphasizes on positive attitudes, creates opportunities to work as a team and encourages the athletes to always give 100%.  Empowered Learning Transformation Centers innovative drills are designed to improve dribbling, shooting, passing, rebounding, defense, agility (footwork), positional responsibilities and conditioning.


By truly developing every aspect of the game, Empowered Learning Transformation Centers has a very unique approach to building a winning program. Programs and sessions are designed to keep kids active and involved by creating a fun and supporting environment.  We offer sessions on various days of the week to meet your busy schedules.


To keep our members informed and to continue to insure our members are being developed properly, Next Level Innovative Basketball Training will go to a Color Track Training System.  This new Track Training System will help parents and kids know exactly where they are, what classes to take and what they did to do to move up to more challenging levels.  This Track Training System will gradually challenge each member as they develop by adding a few classes from the next phase as they move up the Color Tracks, insuring a steady development cycle without feeling overwhelmed as our members enter the next track.


For a member to move up to the next track, we will encourage our members to attend a monthly evaluation session.  These sessions will be designed to evaluate our members by performing the different skills needed to develop for the next Color Track.  For example, if a member is on the Yellow Track, they would need to perform the basic maneuvers being taught in the Yellow Track and introduce a few maneuvers on the Orange Track.  If they pass, they will now move into the Orange Track.  For proper development, we recommend that members stay on their Color Track until an evaluation is completed before moving ahead to the next Color Track.


With the feedback from parents and input from our young players, Empowered Learning Transformation Centers believes this new Color Track Training System will insure proper development and take the guess work on when our members are ready for the next phase in their development. 


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