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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Addressing Developmental Challenges Right from the Start

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the optimal development of young children. We offer educational and therapeutic services for children from birth through age five and for their parents and the professionals and institutions that serve them. Underlying all our work is the latest academic research and an understanding of the profound effect of early childhood relationships and mental health on all future development and success. Empowered Learning Transformation Centers strives to identify and address developmental and mental health challenges, focusing on children’s interests and strengths and ensuring that the relationships in which they grow are positive and supportive. We are deeply committed to the children we serve and to all children, who will benefit from the advancement of knowledge, training, and public policy we seek.


Therapeutic Services

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers offers center and community-based services in Belmar. Whether a child’s delay is in communication, socialization, emotional development, or cognitive, sensory or motor skills, we provide the individual care and attention required to foster his or her maximum potential. Services offered include:


Speech-Language Therapy – The speech department is comprised of monolingual and bilingual licensed speech pathologists. Their role is to evaluate and provide therapy to children who have speech and language delays and disorders and to facilitate the development of communication skills.


Occupational Therapy – Our highly trained professionals identify developmental delays in fine motor development, perceptual functioning, sensory integration and daily living skills. Group and individual treatment programs are designed to improve functioning in these areas.


Physical Therapy – Our physical therapists help children to improve motor skills. Activities are planned to increase muscle strength, balance and motor control. As a result children can move through a school environment in a safe, fluid manner.


Counseling – Our Social Service Department is comprised of skilled psychologists and social workers who provide a range of services to families and children, including counseling, family training and family/caregiver support groups. Our social workers provide ongoing support to families by assisting with the coordination of other appropriate services.


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