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Focused Evaluations are recommended when a client has been evaluated previously and there is a need to clarify or update understanding of a specific problem. A Focused Evaluation may also be appropriate when an adult client is concerned about ADHD symptoms and wishes to obtain information about individual strengths/weaknesses in addition to diagnostic impressions. It is important for clients to discuss specific needs with regard to qualifying for accommodations or other services with the Empowered Learning Transformation Center Coordinator during the planning stages because a focused evaluation may not satisfy some of these requirements.

Focused Evaluations are similar in structure to the Comprehensive Evaluation, but involve only one testing day.

When there is a need to assess for intellectual giftedness (in the absence of any concerns about learning difficulties or social/emotional/behavioral difficulties), the Empowered Learning Transformation Center offers an evaluation that includes an initial interview to gather relevant background information, the administration and scoring of the IQ test (and other tests as needed), a brief feedback session, and a brief written report. If clients are requesting this testing for school placement, it is important that they can discuss with the Empowered Learning Transformation Center Director the specific requirements for the school(s) involved. There may be other reasons for clients to request IQ testing, and each referral will be evaluated individually to determine if this kind of testing is appropriate. If there are questions about giftedness along with concerns about academic achievement and/or social/emotional/behavioral adjustment, a comprehensive evaluation is recommended.


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