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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Coaches teach basic fundamentals of his/her sport, progressing toward more advanced skill-work so that the players grow into skilled and intelligent Athletes.

ELTC Sports :

Bases its reputation on reliability, expertise, and professionalism

Coaches lead with integrity, discipline, and an unwavering work ethic, which the players learn and want to model

Training includes ongoing evaluation and feedback to adapt specific skills, strength and conditioning protocols to best fit each player’s need

Offers a consistent curriculum to teach players the necessary skill set and basketball IQ in his/hers sport

Accepts all genders and ages

Provides weekly skills training, individual private training, practices, and evaluations

Academy players participate in the top leagues in the Dallas/Fort Worth area

National players participate in the top leagues and tournaments in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and also around the country.

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is a year round sports program designed to help young players develop the skills necessary to reach their full potential as an athlete.  Empowered Learning Transformation Centers coaches emphasize developing the complete player and working on the fundamentals of his/hers sport. This is important for today’s athlete to succeed.  The coaches knowledge, experience and leadership skills give players the opportunity to take their game to the next level.

The goal of Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is to provide boys and girls of all races, gender, and skill level ages 9-18 the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and be taught the mental aspect of the sport.  It is the organization’s belief that sports is an ideal venue to teach attributes such as sportsmanship, discipline, cooperation, competition, self-confidence, and teamwork.  The teaching of fundamentals and sportsmanship at an early age cannot be emphasized enough.

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers coaches will abide by the following rules:

1.      We will treat players with respect at all times.

2.      We will give you the best coaching and instruction to improve his/hers skills.

3.      We will reach out to college coaches throughout the country to expose all athletes with an opportunity to be scouted


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