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How do I know if my child needs speech or occupational therapy?


Occupational therapy at Empowered Learning Transformation Centers focuses on helping children function independently. By bolstering their foundation of sensory processing, strength, attention, and self-confidence we foster the development of motor, social and cognitive skills. This allows each child to navigate their world with joy and success.


Visual motor skills refer to the eye-hand coordination required for everyday tasks. Deficits in this area can lead to difficulties with handwriting, dressing, ball skills and many activities necessary for functional independence. Visual motor skills incorporate eye movements, visual perception and fine/gross motor skills.


Fine motor skills relates to the small muscles of the hands which are important in most childhood activities. Fine motor strength and dexterity enables such functions as eating, grasping toys, writing, and fastening clothing. Our hands allow us to interact with our world. Children who have fine motor issues have less opportunity to take in information from the environment and gain experience which leads to learning.


Gross motor skills involve the large muscles of the body that enable functional skills such as walking, running, climbing or throwing a ball. A child’s gross motor skills are affected by muscle tone and strength as well as sensory integration. Gross motor skills provide the foundation for balance, postural control and bilateral coordination. Children with poor gross motor function may have difficulty with navigating playground equipment or participating in physical education/sports.  Sensory processing deficits may also impact gross motor skills.


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